• Thank you for making your product. I started losing my hearing 2 years ago at 20 and I have had a really difficult relationship with my hearing aids and their ‘old lady’ look. I am so happy that I now found a way to make them look cool.
    - Andréa, Poland

  • I couldn’t go to sleep. I was just trying out my new hearing aid jewelry. It’s so much nicer to put on my aids in the morning. You’ve created a super great innovation!
    - Tiina, Finland

DEAFMETAL® - Empowering Those with Hearing Loss

DEAFMETAL® is an award winning premiere jewelry innovation created and designed for hearing aid and cochlear implant users by Finnish fashion designer, Jenni Ahtiainen, who lost her own hearing. Through the collaboration of Jenni and US audiologist, Jen Aslin, they have designed a collection entitled The Hope Collection.  This designer collection of hearing aid and cochlear implant jewelry is dedicated to hard of hearing people who use hearing devices but want to personalize them for their own style. 

Our DEAFMETALS® are functional too as they can help keep hearing devices on the ear  or from falling to the floor! They are great for retention and can help prevent loss of hearing aids!

DEAFMETAL®…designing accessories to empower people of all ages who have hearing loss!  All of our designs are pure silver, not just plated. The gold jewelry is micro plated over pure silver making your Deafmetal a truly premiere piece of jewelry! Above all, we hope that you can find some inspiration from over 40 of our jewelry designs.


The central component of Deafmetal® that is required for any purchase is the patented silicone holster. It is what attaches any of our jewelry types to your hearing device. It is 600% flexible and can be fit around any size device!

Jewelry designs.   There are 3 types of Deafmetals®

  • 1) Deafmetals that hang only from the holster (for aesthetic purposes- butterflies, anchor, for example) 
  • 2) Deafmetals that connect to the holster via clasp and have a chain that connects at the ear either with clip on earring or pierced earring. (Half Hoop, Bling Bliss, Clip-on Pearl are some of these). These are used for fashion but also have functional purposes as the connection to the ear prevents aids from falling to the floor, especially when mask wearing.
  • 3)Our newest innovation is the “safety ring” it is a pure silver ring that loops through the hole in the holster and then attaches to the ear. This helps keep the hearing aid / cochlear implant attached to your ear even when bending over! Pearl Safety ring, simple safety ring are examples.
  • We also have Authentic Leather cochlear implant coil/headpiece “hats” that cover the coil/headpiece and are attached with included Velcro.
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Try our Safety Chains & Safety Rings

Deafmetals can be used for functional purposes too by helping keep hearing aids in your ear!  Our “safety chains” connect to our silicone holster and then can be attached to the earring back of your existing earring!  Safety rings can loop through the silicone holster and attach to the ear. Search Safety Chain or Safety ring if interested!


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