DEAFMETAL is an award winning, bold, fashion-forward jewelry innovation created and designed for hearing aid and cochlear implant users by Finnish fashion designer, Jenni Ahtiainen, who herself wears hearing aids. Through the collaboration of Jenni and US audiologist, Jen Aslin, they have designed a collection of hearing aid jewelry for all ages. Some chains are a safety chain. Some chains are a statement. Our safety retention cuffs have been worn from pediatrics to customers in their 90's. They are definitely a conversation piece and a way to destigmative wearing hearing aids. Whatever your style, whatever your vibe, it is important to us here at Deafmetal® USA that you feel unapologetically yourself.

Style 1

As a pendant that hangs only from the holster (no piercing required).

Style 2

Attached with a safety chain via holster then attaches at the ear (either with a clip on jewelry or with an earring for pierced ears)

Style 3

As a "safety ring" which does not require a piercing. The safety ring attaches to the holster and then cuffs at the ear lobe.

Popular categories

"So I just received my double safety ring and holster for my Advanced Bionics CI and it's amazing! So much nicer than all the other grips that the company provided that are so cumbersome and awkward to use! And this looks like something one wants to wear not has to wear! Thank you for creating this beautiful piece of jewelry."

Bev Canada 5 months ago

"I can't stop RAVING about this retention ring! I can wear my hearing aids to do yoga now and it stays put. Life changing and looks super cute!"

Jessie 5 months ago

"Just received and I'm in love. There is no one else who has produced something like this and it works like a charm. I can't wait to order more! To top it off, Had many questions that were received with phenomenal customer service"

Palochhead 5 months ago

Love this product! Made me feel like me wearing my hearing aids! I was able to let my personality show thanks to Deafmetal. Also I don't worry that my mask will pull off my hearing aid or if I bend upside down they'll wiggle out. So much security built into something so small and fun. Truly grateful

Rachel 5 months ago

"Very Cute! My daughter was very excited and said they hold her hearing aid in place while baton twirling."

Tammy USA 5 months ago

“I just wanted to say, thank you for making your product. I started losing my hearing 2 years ago at age 20 and I have had a really difficult relationship with my hearing aids and their “old lady” look. I am so happy that I now found a way to make them look cool

Andrea Poland 5 months ago

“I am new to the HoH (hard of hearing) community. Thanks for creating a product that makes the transition welcoming and celebrated. It makes me feel confident that my device is secure and an expression of me.”

Adrianna USA 10 months ago

“I tried these out when I went to an event last night-not only did my hearing aids stay firmly in place, but I got some compliments on my "ear cuffs" - no one even seemed to notice that I was wearing hearing aids! I will definitely buy more from this shop, thank you!"

Kathleen USA 10 months ago

Absolutely amazing! I ride horses and can't wear my hearing aid due to fear of it falling. With the holster I can secure it to my ear and ride!! I can even canter through a whole course of jumps without it moving. Thank you for giving me my life back!

Hannah New York 10 months ago


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