“I get so many compliments on my cuff, and when I explain it is for my hearing aid people freak out. It is so perfect, and has saved me from a few near misses (kept my HA from falling into a puddle, the sink, you name it).” - Kate

“I can not say enough good things about this product and the sellers. I now have 3 “rings”. They do not only serve a purpose, which is the primary reason for purchasing, but they are beautiful. I am amazed at the quality. The seller was always quick to answer and patient with my many questions. This is the ONLY product like this out there. 5 stars across the board. I asked for extra brochures to give my audiologist so that others can also have the chance to order these gems.” - Tricia

“My son loves how this looks and it makes his hearing aid much more secure.” - C

“Awesome, thank you so much! My daughter is obsessed with her butterflies so I had to get her this one! Thank you for making a product like this! It’s truly helped her feel comfortable wearing her “ears”. -Molly

“This little hearing aid attachment for a cuff is a GAME CHANGER. I have little kids who like to rough house, and frequently have to have my head at a weird angle to see what I’m doing for work. Yesterday my hearing aids fell out of my ears at least 5 times. Today zero times. I love it I love it I love it. I will be sharing this with everyone I know, and probably some random strangers. Cannot recommend this product enough. (also arrived super quick!) what a brilliant innovation - thank you for quite literally making my life easier!”- Sarah

“I am a new user of rechargeable BTE hearing aids concerned about losing them. I purchased two pairs of holsters in different colors. I can leave them on while charging (with the tab folded back) although they were not difficult to get on so I might leave the holsters on for naps and take them off overnight. The silicone is comfortable and non-slip so perhaps the hearing aids might stay on better even without the safety chain. Shipping was fast and they came in a nice box which I’ll use for the hearing aid accessories, like cleaning supplies and extra domes, much nicer than the plastic bags that shipped with hearing aids.” - Alice

“Very pleased with these. They’re the first product I’ve found that hold my hearing aids in place reliably. They’re simple, subtle and look great! I bought the double cuff (with holster) but I’m going to get other styles so I can change the look.” -Shelley

“I think this is going to work on keeping my hearing aids from flying off my ears when I remove my glasses. I will be buying more of these tiny harnesses. They’re perfect!” - Arleen

“This year’s prom was extra special not only because of my awesome friends and dress of my dreams, but because I got to feel like a princess with my Deafmetal piece! - Maggie