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DEAFMETAL® Holster is the silicone holster needed to attach all DEAFMETAL® jewelry. For a limited time, the hearing aid holsters in black or white are on sale!


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DEAFMETAL® Holster is the main innovation of DEAFMETAL® hearing aid / cochlear implant jewelry. It easily attaches around BTE (Behind The Ear)/ RIC hearing aids and behind-the-ear cochlear implant processors and is needed for all jewelry.

Our patented holster connects/slides onto your hearing device and has a tiny hole at the bottom of the holster which then connects any of our Deafmetal jewelry. If is is a safety ring, the safety ring can be looped through the hole in the holster. If it is a Deafmetal jewelry piece (other than a safety ring) then the Deafmetal jewelry clasp connects to the hole in the holster and then attaches at the ear as jewelry. Deafmetal jewelry can also be hung by the holster only as a pendant as shown in some of our designs.

DEAFMETAL® Holster is made of 600% flexible silicone to fit around devices as shown. Holster is easy to take off/put on after changing/charging the batteries.  It’s non-allergenic and manufactured in many different colors (also transparent).

Our Deafmetal holsters are sold individually as some customers only wear one hearing device.


Height of the Deafmetal holster is .925 inch (23,5 mm) and on the shorter side 0.118 inch (3 mm).

Circumference is 0.86 inch (22 mm) and inner diameter is  0.27 inch (7 mm) and it stretches up to 600%

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Holster Type

Hearing Aid, Cochlear Implant


Transparent, Black, Light Grey, White, Pink, Purple, Blue, Beige, Brown

27 reviews for DEAFMETAL® Holster

  1. Latisha

    amazing. fast responses and shipping. will order again.

  2. Sarah

    This little hearing aid attachment for a cuff is a GAME CHANGER. I have little kids who like to rough house, and frequently have to have my head at a weird angle to see what I’m doing for work. yesterday my hearing aids fell out of my ears at least 5 times. Today zero times. I love it I love it I love it. I will be sharing this with everyone I know, and probably some random strangers. Cannot recommend this product enough. (also arrived super quick!) what a brilliant innovation – thank you for quite literally making my life easier!

    • Deafmetal USA

      Thank you for the feedback! Just so customers know, Sarah was using the silver double safety ring which attaches to the holster to keep the hearing aid on the ear. We appreciate the feedback!

  3. Heather

    Best invention ever for a hearing aid wearer. You’ve saved me thousands of dollars in lost hearing aids.

  4. Brook

    Thank you! Works great, arrived quickly

  5. Cindi

    Excellent service. Would recommend this to anyone.

  6. Arleen

    I think this is going to work on keeping my hearing aids from flying off my ears when I remove my glasses. I will be buying more of these tiny harnesses . They’re perfect!

  7. Kate Huck

    I love your products. I got myself two holsters and two cuffs for Christmas. One of my holsters already broke. I am a little disappointed but it’s not stopping me from buying more. These really make a difference keeping my hearing aids on my ears. I will never go without them.

    • Deafmetal USA

      the silicone holsters, if overstretched while sliding over the holster, can break this is why it is great to watch the video to see how to attach. We will send you a replacement at no charge! Thank you for letting us know! Glad you like the retention of the safety rings!

  8. Arleen

    I first bought one set of these and then I went back for two more sets. I’m convinced I can no longer live without these.

  9. Jojo

    I finally have a way to keep my hearing aids in place. (with the/a “cuff” that connection) I love this whole set up. Great product and much needed…. 🤗🙂 Thank You!!!

  10. Malenie Piscetelli

    I love your products holding my both cochlear implants especially when I wear my glasses or exercise. Only thing I have problems is silicone holsters, both are ready to rip it both. I realize bc it’s from putting on the batteries and from stretching. I have keep it on the batteries and not taking off. I read it from review. I have to order more. I didn’t know.

  11. Kathleen

    Well made and works perfectly with my hearing aids!

  12. Stacy

    Works perfectly to keep hearing aids secure!

  13. Sarah

    10/10 will buy again one of the best practical and cute hearing accessories I’ve found. As a young person who wears hearing aids I find a lot of the accessories are made for infants/toddlers or seniors and it’s hard to find my place in the market. This product fixed the tubing rubbing, my hearing aid flipping out, and general comfort and wearability. The shipping was quick and the seller was prompt. I will support them and promote them to whoever will listen.

  14. Debbie

    I wish I had found this sooner! Wonderful product for securely holding my HAs.

  15. Cindy

    I absolutely LOVE these holsters! I used only 1 hearing aid as I’m my right hearing nerve was severed during brain surgery. I can anchor it to my earring and I NEVER lose my hearing aid (Face mask, glasses, headbands, I can use them without worry!)

  16. Jane

    I’m very happy with my purchase the holster along with the ear cuff has allowed me to move without worrying that I’m going to knock something loose! Cannot thank you enough!

  17. Michelle

    Amazing! Functional and pretty! They keep my hearing aids on and in place.

  18. Michelle

    Good quality and they matched my expectations.

  19. Holly

    These are amazing. They keep the cuffs and hearing aid connected. I just have to say Thank you for this wonderful invention

  20. Shari

    This is an absolutely WONDERFUL piece of functional jewelry. I couldn’t be happier. Already had an instance of getting out of my car where the magnet of my implant took hold of the door frame –had I not been wearing the for cochlear, my processor/ et al would have been dangling from the door frame of my car or worse — on the concrete.

  21. Kelly

    So much fantastic ness. Thank you for making a great product!!

  22. Mark

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

  23. Sandra

    As always, the process was efficient, the artist a pleasure to work with and the item is exactly as described. I am giving all of her literature to my audiologist to spread the word!

  24. Laura Sugano Braud

    First of all I am so happy that I found your website/products when I first started wearing aids in February 2021. I was so fearful that I would lose
    my aids and your design was the perfect solution. I have shared your website with many others including my audiologist who loves the idea.
    My first pair of holsters lasted approximately a year but since then I have gone through at least 3 pairs due to tearing of the silicone. I try to be gentle and careful slipping them onto my aids as directed. Nonetheless I will not give up using them. They are often mistaken for an awesome set of earrings. Since I have double piercings in both ears, I wear them in the top piercing and whatever other earrings I want in the lower piercing.
    THANK YOU so much for such an innovative and functional solution!

  25. Heather

    Fits perfectly. Easy to attach. Order came with a helpful QR code with a video explaining how to attach.

  26. Brian

    I have not yet attached these to my mother’s hearing aids, but am very excited about this product. My mother keeps losing her hearing aids, and this product is brilliant!

  27. Alice

    I am a new user of rechargeable BTE hearing aids concerned about losing them. I purchased two pairs of holsters in different colors. I can leave them on while charging (with the tab folded back) although they were not difficult to get on so I might leave the holsters on for naps and take them off for overnight. The silicon is comfortable and non-slip so perhaps the hearing aids might stay on better even with the leash (safety chain) . Shipping was fast and they came in a nice box which I’ll use for the hearing aid accessories, like cleaning supplies and extra domes, much nicer than the plastic bags that shipped with hearing aids.

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