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DEAFMETAL® Holster is the silicone holster needed to attach all DEAFMETAL® jewelry.

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DEAFMETAL® Holster is the main innovation of DEAFMETAL® hearing aid / cochlear implant jewelry. It easily attaches around BTE (Behind The Ear)/ RIC hearing devices and cochlear implant processors and is needed for all jewelry.

DEAFMETAL® Holster is made of 600% flexible silicone to fit around devices as shown. Holster is easy to take off/put on after changing/charging the batteries.  It’s non-allergenic and manufactured in many different colors (also transparent).


Height of the Deafmetal holster is .925 inch (23,5 mm) and on the shorter side 0.118 inch (3 mm).

Circumference is 0.86 inch (22 mm) and inner diameter is  0.27 inch (7 mm) and it stretches up to 600%

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Transparent, Black, Light Grey, White, Pink, Purple, Blue, Brown, Beige

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  1. Sarah

    This little hearing aid attachment for a cuff is a GAME CHANGER. I have little kids who like to rough house, and frequently have to have my head at a weird angle to see what I’m doing for work. yesterday my hearing aids fell out of my ears at least 5 times. Today zero times. I love it I love it I love it. I will be sharing this with everyone I know, and probably some random strangers. Cannot recommend this product enough. (also arrived super quick!) what a brilliant innovation – thank you for quite literally making my life easier!

    • Deafmetal USA

      Thank you for the feedback! Just so customers know, Sarah was using the silver double safety ring which attaches to the holster to keep the hearing aid on the ear. We appreciate the feedback!

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