Deafmetal USA has received numerous requests for donations of Deafmetal jewelry and holsters to be sent to various organizations such as hospitals, teachers for the deaf and hard of hearing, schools, and resource centers that support and come alongside those who have been recently diagnosed with hearing loss, especially for children and teenagers.  We have special Deafmetal packages that include various child and teenage themed Deafmetals that are ready to be shipped to organizations, but we would love donations!  Any monetary donations would be used for covering our costs for manufacturing of products/shipping.  For each donation, you will receive an email confirming your donation with specifics on donated items.  Thank you in advance for donating!

Also, if you are an organization or clinic that serves people with hearing loss and would like to be put on the list to receive donations, please feel free to email us at We would love to support you! Thank you so much!