Bring Hearing to Light with The Hope Collection

DEAFMETAL® is an award winning new jewelry innovation designed for people who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants. DEAFMETAL® transforms hearing devices into personalized, unique, and stylish jewelry that can be worn for all occasions. We designed The Hope Collection exclusively for this site with the hope that it empowers people with hearing loss. Our goal is to allow people who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants to express individuality by choosing Deafmetal jewelry that fits their own style.  We chose trends that fit all different styles and personalities. Through The Hope Collection, there is a DEAFMETAL® for you to be able to express some attitude and complement your wardrobe.  Hearing should be celebrated! We enable people with hearing loss to express their individuality through these very unique DEAFMETAL® pieces of jewelry, and more specifically, through The Hope Collection.
The creator and designer of Deafmetal hearing aid jewelry that can be used to personalize hearing devices such as hearing aids and cochlear implants

Jenni Ahtiainen

My name is Jenni Ahtiainen and I am the creator of DEAFMETAL®.  DEAFMETAL® is an accessory brand for hearing aids. I have been working as a fashion designer for 15 years. I’ve sold my designs for consumers in Japan, Europe, and in the US. I have also designed stage costumes to bands and musicians like Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dogg, and Bono. These opportunities have been incredible for a Finnish fashion designer who loves to listen to music. But then I lost my hearing and I was shocked. And got hearing aids.

It made me wonder…why is it that if you have bad eyesight, you get to choose whatever kind of eyeglasses that suit your style? You have something regardless of if you are a woman, man, child, rocker, hipster, or even goth. However, if you have bad hearing, you don’t have that choice. You can’t even see one single beautiful picture of a hard of hearing people in lifestyle, fashion, or beauty magazines. Well, not until now…we started to take beauty shots and fine art pictures of hard of hearing people to make hearing problems more common and visual.

When I received my hearing aids, I put the aids behind my ears and started to think. I innovated a small holster around the hearing aids and then I hung some leather strips into the holster.  Suddenly, the hearing aids felt more like me. They looked like me and I looked like me. This is how DEAFMETAL® was born—very naturally and organically by the hands of a hard of hearing fashion designer.

I’m Jen Aslin! I am an audiologist and Jenni’s DEAFMETAL® partner for the USA. I first saw DEAFMETAL® in Summer 2020 while visiting an audiology website. Her story inspired me. Through several calls and much collaboration, I knew promoting the DEAFMETAL® hearing aid and cochlear implant jewelry brand in the USA was the right thing to do. I’ve never seen anything like it and loved the idea of “embracing and empowering” people with hearing loss with a product that seeks to destigmatize the wearing of hearing aids or cochlear implants.  
As an audiologist in 4 different states, I have seen patients ranging from newborn to seniors. I have always loved trying to instill confidence in patients who are fit with hearing aids or cochlear implants for the first time. The awesome thing about DEAFMETAL® hearing aid jewelry is that it can be worn by people of all ages.  At first, you might think only younger generations wear this jewelry…but this is not true! Once someone puts on the DEAFMETAL® jewelry, it creates a level of confidence and fun. I saw it during photoshoots of my models with hearing loss. My favorite story from Jenni is of a Finnish woman in her 80’s who purchased a pink owl DEAFMETAL® jewelry to hang from her holster. When asked why she wanted the owl, she stated she hoped that by wearing it, her granddaughter would want to sit on her lap more often. I now have a purple owl on my desk that reminds me of that sweet story. This story was one of many reasons we entitled this The Hope Collection.
My hope is that this collection of DEAFMETAL will bring some fun and attitude for people with hearing loss worldwide!  In talking to patients with hearing loss, they are thankful that we have designed a product to help celebrate hearing loss.  Jenni and I hope you love your DEAFMETAL® jewelry and would love if you share stories and send pictures wearing them!
Deafmetal USA partner who brought the Deafmetal brand to the USA to be used by people who have hearing loss

Jen Aslin, Au.D.