Screw Safety Ring – HOLSTER included


Our New Screw Safety ring was designed with thicker ears in mind as it can be adjusted for a wider width if needed!


This pure silver safety ring was designed with thicker ears in mind as the screw can be adjusted to wider widths (if needed)! Inspired by vintage screw back earrings the idea was born to design a “safety screw”. This Deafmetal safety ring loops through the Deafmetal silicone holster as shown (this is one of the only designs that INCLUDES A TRANSPARENT HOLSTER) and then attaches to the helix part of ear. (no piercing required) This Deafmetal was specifically designed to keep hearing aids from falling off the ear. Keep hearing aids secure with this brilliantly designed hearing aid / CI retention jewelry.

Each Deafmetal® jewelry is sold in one piece as some individuals only wear one hearing device.