Simple Safety Ring Gold

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Gold micro plated simple safety ring adds some style while simultaneously helps keep hearing aid or cochlear implant attached to ear.


This gold micro plated safety ring was made to provide style and retention for wearers of hearing aids or cochlear implants. This trendy ring Deafmetal loops through the Deafmetal silicone holster as shown and then attaches to the ear. This Deafmetal was specifically designed to keep hearing aids from falling off the ear. Keep hearing aids secure with this brilliantly designed hearing aid / CI retention jewelry.

The Patented Deafmetal® holster is sold separately and will need to be purchased along with the safety ring in order to wear.

Each Deafmetal® jewelry is sold in one piece as some individuals only wear one hearing device.

5 reviews for Simple Safety Ring Gold

  1. Anna

    Love my safety ring! I had a terrible time wearing the mask and glasses with my hearing aids. I am surprised and delighted that adding the safety ring stabilizes the whole situation. I am an instructor so it is important my hearing aids stay put. What a difference in stability!

  2. Rachel

    Love this product! Made me feel like me wearing my hearing aids!! I was able to let my personality show thanks to deaf metal. Also I don’t worry that my mask will pull off my hearing aids or if I bend upside down they’ll wiggle out. So much security built into something so small and fun. Truly grateful

  3. Rachel

    Very cute and does its job well

  4. Jackie

    Safety rings are a game changer. I no longer fear losing a hearing aid that falls out. Thank you.
    And I love that it turned my hearing aids into jewelry.

  5. Deborah Marcus

    I love these safety rings. I was always an ear cuff fan and now my HAs stay in and I have great new jewelry.

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