Simple Safety Ring Silver

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Deafmetal® pure silver safety ring can attach via holster to hearing aid or cochlear implant to keep hearing aid from falling off the ear. No piercing required!


This pure silver safety ring was made to provide style and retention for wearers of hearing aids or cochlear implants. This trendy ring Deafmetal loops through the Deafmetal silicone holster as shown and then attaches to the earlobe – no piercing required. This Deafmetal was specifically designed to keep hearing aids from falling off the ear. Keep hearing aids secure with this brilliantly designed hearing aid / CI retention jewelry.

The Patented Deafmetal® holster is sold separately and will need to be purchased along with the safety ring in order to wear.

Each Deafmetal® jewelry is sold in one piece as some individuals only wear one hearing device.

9 reviews for Simple Safety Ring Silver

  1. Brook

    Thank you! Needed something to help keep my new hearing aid on especially when taking on/off masks.

  2. Anna

    Love my safety ring! I had a terrible time wearing the mask and glasses with my hearing aids. I am surprised and delighted that adding the safety ring stabilizes the whole situation. I am an instructor so it is important my hearing aids stay put. What a difference in stability!

  3. Melodie

    This beautiful item has SAVED my 3,000 computer!!! THANK YOU!!!

  4. Jessie

    I can’t stop RAVING about this retention ring! I can wear my hearing aids to do yoga now and it stays put. Life changing and looks super cute!

  5. Clare

    So helpful with USPS issues and incredibly kind and quick in communications – and I love the product so much! Would totally recommend.

  6. Kathleen

    I tried these out when I went to an event last night – not only did my hearing aids stay firmly in place, but I got some compliments on my “ear cuffs” – no one even seemed to notice that I was wearing hearing aids! I will definitely buy more from this shop, thank you.

  7. Lourdes

    Totally fixed my problem! My cochlear processor doesn’t budge! Thank you for coming up with something like this. This was a much better and more stylish option than what my audiologist had! Thank you!

  8. EDM

    As pictured and I tested it. The reason I wanted to try this is Bc whenever I remove my mask the left HA pulls out except the part with the RIC. With this in 2/3 trials of removing my mask as usual the whole thing stayed in place. The other time both the in ear part and the ring stayed in place but the behind the ear part just popped over to the front of my ear. In any case I wouldn’t lose the HA. I tested also to see if I just hang the whole thing from just the retention ring alone and it did hold without dropping the HA. Just some extra security so you won’t lose your HA. A bit hard to get the ring on if you have any fine motor issues you would need someone to help you. Otherwise all good!

  9. Eesha

    Amazing!!! great quality and have gotten a lot of compliments on the new ‘piercing’ haha looks so good

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