Cochlear Baha Deafmetal Hook


Deafmetal Cochlear Baha hook can be used to attach to the safety line of your Baha and then to your favorite Deafmetal!



Deafmetal USA now has jewelry for the Cochlear Baha processor. We have developed our Baha “hook” that can easily attach to the safety line of your Baha. This hook is pure silver .8mm thick and has an end to attach to the Baha and then the other end easily attaches to a jewelry clasp from one of our longer Deafmetals. Some suggestions from our collection might be the Stereo, Wings, Milky way, or if you want a Deafmetal without the chain attaching to the ear, you might choose from designs such as Butterflies, DM Statement Cross, Flower for Syd, Anchor, Arrow in silver/black, Snowflake, Daisy Flower, etc. All these designs are sold separately from the Baha hook.

Each hook is sold as a single unit price as some individuals only wear one cochlear implant.