BOW BLUE Coil/Headpiece Hat


Charming DEAFMETAL® Coil Hat with blue bow made of pink leather.


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Final Sale!!! Charming DEAFMETAL® Coil/Headpiece Hat with blue bow made of pink leather.

Velcro integrated inside of the hat and 3 pieces of counterparts included per order.


All DEAFMETAL® jewelry is sold as a single price, not in pairs, as there are many people who only use one hearing aid/cochlear implant.

Velcro Options

All Coil/Headpiece Hats come with Velcro already attached to the inner part of the leather hat. This Velcro attaches to either a rectangular or circle-shaped Velcro piece which you attach to your cochlear implant coil/headpiece. The shape of the Velcro depends on the surface of the CI attachment . Velcro will be included in the purchase of the leather hat (3 Velcro pieces per order). Please choose which shape works better for your coil.

The rectangular Velcro attaches to Cochlear Nucleus 5 and 6 and measures 0.39″x0.75″.

The round Velcro attaches to all Advanced Bionics headpieces, Nucleus 7, Kanso and Baha and has a 0.75″ diameter.

Additional information

Velcro Fastener

Round, Rectangular


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