How to Keep your Hearing Aids Attached to your Ear!

-We have had many customers report that they are happy to have found our products as a lot of people have lived their lives wearing hearing aids that continuously fall off of their ear on a daily basis. Especially for people who are active – which let’s face it…who isn’t? From playing sports to jobs that require bending over to exercise to even daily tasks – it is frustrating, but a surprisingly common occurrence amongst people who wear hearing aids or behind the ear processors for cochlear implants.

Enter…our exclusive patented Deafmetal Safety ring and our Deafmetal holster. We have designed this product with function in mind as we tried to create something fashionable yet functional to help solve the problem of “how to prevent hearing aids from falling off the ear”..whether it is a RIC or BTE, the Deafmetal safety ring and holster combo works on any manufacturer of hearing aids. Simply attach our patented silicone Deafmetal holster to your hearing aid (it slides on as seen in the picture) and then attach the safety ring via the tiny connecting hole of the holster and then attach at the ear as shown. No piercing required!

We have had customers report that audiologists have suggested taping their hearing aids to their head to prevent the hearing aid from falling off. A manufacturer of a hearing aid company also suggested Toupee tape as a quick fix. I think all manufacturers as well as audiologists need to be aware of our Deafmetal safety rings as these are a fashionable yet very functional fix to potentially solving the problem of keeping hearing devices attached at the ear!

keep hearing aids on the ear

These Deafmetal Safety rings come in different styles. From the simple safety ring to the double…we also have safety rings in diamonds and pearls. Anyone can wear them as they can be adjusted to fit more snug for smaller ears or adjusted larger for larger ears. When you visit us on our website, you can search “safety rings’ in the menu section to peruse our various styles. We also have Deafmetals that have safety chains attached that also keep hearing aids from falling off the ear.

Teenage girl wearing the bolt Deafmetal which is made of silver and is worn attached to a holster which connects to a hearing aid or cochlear implant. These products help support the deaf and hard of hearing community by allowing people with hearing loss to personalize their hearing devices.

At Deafmetal USA we are constantly listening to customers and adding to our collection as we continue to listen to feedback from our growing customer base. Our goal is also to reach out to audiologists everywhere to let them know about our products as these Deafmetals have truly made people’s lives better in regards to hearing aid wearing. If you have hearing aids and have benefited from our products, make sure you reach out to your audiologist and let them know that we exist! And, as always, we love getting feedback and also pictures of our customers from all over the world who are wearing our Deafmetals!