Looking to create some personality with your hearing aid or cochlear implants?

Since February 2021, here at Deafmetal® USA, we have been on a mission to create unique hearing aid and cochlear implant accessories that help people who wear hearing devices create style while wearing our jewelry brand. Additionally, we have added a functional component to our jewelry in that several of our designs were created to provide hearing aid or cochlear implant retention to keep hearing devices attached at the ear…but let’s talk about style first!!!

With over 50 designs, we have Deafmetal hearing aid and cochlear implant jewelry that is sure to pique your interest. From feathers to flowers to rings to studs, we have a variety of styles to fit any personality. Deafmetals are attached via our patented silicone holster that slides onto your hearing aid and has a tiny hole to which jewelry clasps onto. Let us show you how this works….