Looking to create some personality with your hearing aid or cochlear implants?

Since February 2021, here at Deafmetal® USA, we have been on a mission to create unique hearing aid and cochlear implant accessories that help people who wear hearing devices create style while wearing our jewelry brand. Additionally, we have added a functional component to our jewelry in that several of our designs were created to provide hearing aid or cochlear implant retention to keep hearing devices attached at the ear…but let’s talk about style first!!!

With over 50 designs, we have Deafmetal hearing aid and cochlear implant jewelry that is sure to pique your interest. From feathers to flowers to rings to studs, we have a variety of styles to fit any personality. Deafmetals are attached via our patented silicone holster that slides onto your hearing aid and has a tiny hole to which jewelry clasps onto. Let us show you how this works….

Our holsters come in a variety of colors and attach as shown above so that any jewelry can attach to the holster. We have jewelry connected to a chain such as the pictures above. We also have jewelry that only attaches to the holster and is worn as a pendant…like those seen below…

Want to see some cool ear cuffs that also create a cool vibe while at the same time keeping hearing aids or cochlear implants attached at the ear? These ear cuffs / ear clips do not require an ear piercing and simply loop through our silicone holster and attach to the earlobe creating style and hearing aid retention all at once. These are great for cochlear implants too! Check these out!

These are under our section entitled “safety rings / retention rings” and help keep hearing aids from being lost. Honestly, we have had a lot of customer feedback on these retention cuffs in that they keep hearing aids from falling off when being active. Everything from yoga , horseback riding, working, gymnastics, and even glasses wearing…people have said that these creations have literally made life better while being able to hear with their hearing devices and not fear that the aid will fall off while wearing.

Since Deafmetal USA has a mission of accessorizing hearing aids and cochlear implants, we have been asked at times if we have hearing aid or cochlear implants skins / stickers to further accessorize hearing devices. We have teamed up with the HEAROES brand of hearing aid and cochlear implant skins to provide 30 designs. We currently have Halloween skins as well as holiday, winter, and Christmas skins and stickers for all models of hearing aids and cochlear implants. You will have to check out our products page to see more of these fun designs. Here are a few examples…

with roughly 30 designs, you are sure to find a hearing aid or cochlear implant skin to match your mood! These skins are easily removed and such a cool way to individualize your hearing aid or cochlear implant.

In summary, we love bringing joy and confidence to people who wear hearing aids and cochlear implants. We are an accessory and jewelry brand company specifically dedicated to providing unique designs to accentuate your hearing device. We love your feedback and love hearing from our “Deafmetalists” around the world. We also love seeing pictures of people wearing our Deafmetals with testimonials that truly show the importance of what our products represent. If you are looking for ways to make your hearing device “feel like you”, you will have to browse all of our designs to find one or two that are right for you…and then send us pictures as they are an inspiration to others in their hearing loss journey. Many people also ask, will this fit onto my Widex, Starkey, Phonak, Resound, Oticon, Signia hearing aids or what about my Cochlear Nucleus 5, 6, 7 or 8 or what about my Advanced Bionics behind the ear processor? The answer is yes! Our hearing aid and CI stickers also are designed for all hearing aid and CI devices such as the kanso, baha, as well as all on the ear processors. Search our products section to start browsing today.