Hearing Aid Accessories

Functional and fashionable hearing aid accessories for all ages

Hearing aids are a big investment and your hearing is an important asset to protect…so are your hearing aids. There are many accessories that patients with hearing aids can purchase to make their hearing aid experience a better one.

In terms of general care and maintenance of hearing aids, hearing aid accessories such as tubing, domes, dehumidifiers, cleaning products, cerumen filters, etc are critical to have on hand in order to maintain proper hearing aid function. Honestly, hearing aid maintenance is very critical in extending the life of your hearing aids. It is essential to establish routine cleaning practices for optimum hearing aid quality. Additionally, this will prevent you from being frustrated by your hearing aids not working properly and will allow you to experience consistent and predictable sound quality.

Within the last several years, different hearing aid accessories have been introduced to make your everyday hearing even more enjoyable. One of these additions is streaming sound with Bluetooth connections. While some remote controls are optimized for streaming, there are also Bluetooth connections that offer a more advanced experience when it comes to hearing aid technology. If you love to stream audio from television, computer, mobile devices, or sound systems, there are accessories for streaming that are a must. Hearing aid accessories related to streaming are a great investment and provide superior listening for those wearing hearing aids.

Additional external microphones or amplifiers are another hearing aid accessory that many hearing aid users purchase to complement their hearing aids. These tiny hearing aid accessories can be designed to clip onto clothing or can be placed on solid surfaces and are used to amplify sound. They take this amplified sound and direct the sound straight to your hearing aid processor. These amplifiers can be especially beneficial in business meetings where you need to hear precisely as well as in noisy social environments where the background noise is especially high. By adjusting the way your hearing aids receive sound, you can be really precise in what you want to receive from your hearing aid. These special microphones can be very helpful as a hearing aid accessory1

Transmitters are hearing aid accessories that can be designed for purposes of entertaining. For example, many hard of hearing patients will say that one of their biggest problem areas is to be able to understand the audio when they are watching television. Now, with TV transmitters, the audio can be streamed directly from the television to the hearing aid processor, making it more enjoyable to watch TV.

There are also MANY options for wearing hearing aids and using the telephone/cell phone. There are fabulous captioning phone services and Apps that are free for people with hearing loss. Captions can transcribe speech to words on a screen in near real-time making it a great option for communicating over the phone. Amplified phones are also available with volume controls to help further facilitate phone conversations. Additionally, there are hearing aid accessories to help stream sound directly to hearing aids as well as remote controls that can be used to adjust settings for telephone usage.

Deafmetal has entered the field of hearing aid accessories by providing a product for both fashion and function. Our hearing aid accessories provide a unique spin on wearing hearing aids by allowing the user to accent their hearing aids for their own personal style. Hearing aid jewelry is just another hearing aid accessory that we think is vital to wearing hearing aids. It provides a sense of confidence and uniqueness that is invaluable. Additionally, Deafmetal hearing aid jewelry can be worn for functional purposes as most of the jewelry is attached to a safety chain that prevents the hearing aid from falling to the floor should it get bumped off the ear. It provides a sense of stability for the patient wearing the hearing aids. You can check out these safety chains and hearing aid/cochlear implant products by visiting the website www.deafmetalusa.com


I think at the end of the day, hearing aid accessories are designed to improve your overall hearing aid experience. There are so many hearing aid accessories to choose from! There is honestly not a better time to purchase hearing aids as it truly improves quality of life and with all the hearing aid accessories available, life with hearing aids can be fulfilling and enjoyable.