Deafmetal enters the world of hearing aid accessories

Did you know that there are over 480 million people who are either deaf or have significant hearing loss? A lot of people who have hearing loss do not like to talk about it because hearing problems are invisible. People often hide hearing aids as if that is something that needs to be hidden from those who are around them everyday.

People often feel stigmatized by wearing their hearing devices – whether it may be bilateral hearing aids or cochlear implants. This is not so when it comes to people who have vision loss…there is no shame in picking out colorful eyeglasses to create some uniqueness and style for those who wear eyeglasses. As a matter of fact, eyeglasses can be a fashion accessory and can be seen throughout various fashion and beauty magazines as adding style for those who wear them. Until very recently, people with hearing loss did not have the option to be able to individualize and express themselves through various hearing aid accessories. Deafmetal seeks to be the premiere hearing aid jewelry and accessory company dedicated to people with hearing loss. Our vision is to create unique and trendy hearing aid and cochlear implant jewelry pieces for all ages and styles.

Deafmetal seeks to shift the focus from the hearing device to the person. It provides a much needed point of conversation entry. It also is our goal to create confidence and some fun for people who wear hearing loss. We would love to see fashion articles and magazines who embrace hearing loss and hearing devices and begin to start adding some beauty shots of people with hearing loss to bring pride and confidence for all people who have hearing loss.


As our population continues to increase worldwide, the number of people who have been diagnosed with hearing loss will continue to increase. More and more people are being fit with hearing aids and cochlear implants at younger ages.

Teenage girl wearing a heart pendant Deafmetal hearing aid jewelry that can also be used for cochlear implant processor

Our hope is that fashionable and trendy hearing aid accessories and Deafmetal jewelry will continue to become more mainstream to the point where people will automatically want to style their hearing aids when they are initially fit to make it unique for themselves just as people with eyeglasses do! Currently, we see a lot on the market for children in terms of sparkly stickers and fun add ons for hearing aids to make them bright and fun to wear. We also have children’s craft kits that we designed to allow kids to have a way to decorate their own hearing aids or cochlear implants as we know how much kids like to do crafts! You can check out our Children’s craft kits on our website

young girl wearing a Deafmetal jewelry from the Deafmetal USA collection. This deafmetal is a clip on pearl

Deafmetal seeks to establish more unique hearing aid accessories for adults as well. Whether you choose some of our more popular designs such as Deafmetal Bling Bliss, Deafmetal Half Hoop in Silver, or Deafmetal Riley Stars, you cannot go wrong. Other designs that hang only from our patented holster include the Deafmetal Statement Cross or the Deafmetal Butterflies. What we are finding is that no matter your age, if someone has hearing loss, they are sure to want to individualize their hearing aids by adding hearing aid accessories that create style and empower people of ALL ages who have hearing loss. Deafmetal USA …empowering those with hearing loss and bringing hearing to light.