Thanks to…

Friends and Family

Special thanks to all my family, especially to my daughters, Sydney, Riley and Sienna for helping me with current trends in jewelry and for being the inspiration for some of the Deafmetal designs in the Hope Collection..and to my friends Julie, Kelly, Ann, Susie,  Joe, Melanie, Jemmie, Melissa, and many more, including my mom, dad and siblings who I have shared my ideas with and who have offered encouragement and opinions along the way…you all are the best!

My Brilliant Business Partner and Designer/Creator of Deafmetal           

Jenni Ahtiainen, the brilliant creator and designer of Deafmetal hearing aid and cochlear implant jewelry and accessories.  Over the past several months, it has been an adventure with skype calls and a lot of collaboration to put together a US Deafmetal collection that is going to be so impactful and inspirational to those with hearing loss!  I mean, we were meant to collaborate- we have the same initials…J.A. and J.A. Looking forward to spreading Deafmetal to the US with Jenni and thankful for our friendship and her ability to always make me laugh!

Design Team

Sara, Adam and Zorina at JDR Web for the creation and design of DeafmetalUSA website

Ally Lohman for creative writing

Photographers and Photo Site

Jolene Broad of Jolene Broad Photography for being so fabulous with all our hearing impaired models in the US

Tapio Aulu for spending the day taking brilliant pictures of our hearing impaired models in Finland..and for taking our product pictures

Sydney – for being my assistant during the photo shoot 

Java House Coffee – for allowing us to use their coffeehouse for our US pictures

Law and Order

Wormser Legal – Barry Wormser and Robert Prather

Somerset CPA’s – Steve Shoemaker 


US – Pauline, Cooper, Anne, Mallory, Lola and Melissa- thank you!

Finland – Luisa, Teresa, Veikka and Aaron – thank you from the US!